Enhancing B2B Digital Customer Experience with Xperience

Digital Customer Experience is the new battleground for B2B brand loyalty. It has a direct impact on digital customer acquisition, digital customer retention and digital customer share. Fortunately, the technology to deliver a superior digital customer experience has evolved to support growing expectations.

In the past, front-end customer facing systems may have been requested by customer teams, but design and development was likely to be tightly controlled by IT/software developers. A complex internal-to-external development process could take years to implement. Such a lengthy process leads to a customer experience that always trails expectations. Compromises along the way often are for the convenience of the company, not the customer.

Customer Experience Using Kentico ExampleEnter the Kentico Xperience platform, a Fully integrated ASP.NET Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that optimizes digital customers’ experiences across multiple channels. This cuts time-to-market by saving efforts and resources. These capabilities are backed up by Gartner, which recently recognized Kentico in the Challengers quadrant of the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. This is the fifth consecutive year of Challengers quadrant recognition for Kentico.

Kentico Xperience allows quick, agile development of the digital customer experience by front-end web developers. There’s little or no need to revamp backend systems since Kentico can be the middleware interacting with data in existing/legacy systems. In effect, this allows digital customer experiences to be driven by those who should always drive – the customer.

In many organizations, numerous customer “experiences” are still handled manually by staff members. With the extensive personalization capabilities available in Kentico Xperience, customers can still be presented with what appears to be a digital experience while staff members interact with the platform to complete customer requests. This hybrid approach, made possible by Kentico, saves considerable time and expense. A company can then invest the extended time to automate these manual processes while the customer is benefiting from the enhanced hybrid experience.

Two key features that ease customer experience development are:

  • Kentico Integration BusKentico Integration Bus
    This module comes with the Kentico platform to allow easy integration with third-party systems. The Integration Bus allows you to set up any number of connectors that work with numerous external systems allowing integration management from a single point.

  • Continuous Integration
    Kentico’s out-of-the-box Continuous Integration module, combined with Source Control, delivers the ability to move front-end development coding and data changes automatically from Development through QA, Staging, and on to Production. It supports the synchronization of work between developers and development teams with the same workflow

With these capabilities, providing a superb, digital customer experience is within the reach of any B2B company. Learn more about Kentico Development at BNM.

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