Digital Operating Partner

Digital Value Creation at Speed


End-to-End Digital Operating Partner

BNM is accountable at every step in the process.

Digital Operating Partner ResultsOur team and tools help leadership at private equity firms and their B2B portcos create new, lasting value from digital business and data. We have deep experience in business, technology and the private equity space.

Our PE-tuned digital transformation program reshapes traditional B2B companies into digital–traditional hybrids, delivering optimum value within normal PE hold periods.

Bridging Digital Business, Data and Technology Gaps
We bring digital and data expertise that otherwise strong leadership teams may lack. We've mastered the key elements of digital transformation most valuable for B2B portcos.  Our digital change management and incremental agile approach enables companies to introduce digital capabilities without high upfront investment or organizational change greater than portco norms. 
Lasting Value at the Speed of Private Equity
The primary role of BNM as digital operating partner in private equity is the timely delivery of enduring value. 
  • Increase Sales
    Digital better serves existing customers and attracts new customers while data drives new product and service combinations. Resources are freed to work on larger opportunities.
  • Increase Margins
    Ecommerce and digital customer self-service lower OPEX while new data analytics drive digital pricing transformation and lower cost-of-goods sold.
  • Increase Multiples
    Digital is the new multiplier of multiples for B2B portcos. It delivers new revenue at higher margins and a lower cost-to-serve. Digital value is prized among potential buyers as most B2B sectors lag in digital capabilities.

About the Digital Operating Partner

What is a Digital Operating Partner?

A Digital Operating Partner is a professional services firm serving private equity firms and their portfolio companies. The digital operating partner’s primary role is to create lasting value by implementing digital business, digital change management, data analytics and related technologies within previously traditional (non-digital) portfolio companies.

Why use a Digital Operating Partner?

A digital operating partner bridges gaps in digital expertise that otherwise strong leadership teams may lack.  A digital operating partner helps ensure that demonstrable digital value is on the books well within traditional, private equity hold periods.

What does a Digital Operating Partner do?

A digital operating partner helps a company create new digital business channels to increase enterprise value. This includes working directly with senior leadership to devise and implement digital strategy, orchestrate technology implementation, capture digital data to drive decision making, and ensure overall project success. While a digital operating partner must have a wide range of business and technology expertise, the role is NOT directly involved in marketing, information technology (IT) or cybersecurity.