Digital Business Consulting for Private Equity B2B Portcos


Digital Accelerates Value

Private equity digital consulting from the team at Brave New Markets has a record of value creation for B2B portcos. We are an end-to-end partner:

  • Pre-LOI digital evaluation
  • Digital value creation strategy
  • Bridge organizational knowledge gaps
  • Start-to-finish implementation
  • Fanatical focus on results
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Private Equity Consulting: Digital Presence Evaluation

PE Digital Consulting:
Pre-LOI Evaluation

How Long is the Digital Runway?
Brave New Markets provides private equity-focused analysis of prospective B2B portcos' digital presence. From the outside looking in, we'll report on the current, digital business maturity of the prospective company as well chief competitors. We'll also provide insight into digital value creation levers available to the prospect portco within the anticipated hold period.

PE Digital Consulting: Due Diligence & Value Creation Plan

Once engaged, BNM works along side the private equity team for a deep dive into a target company to determine its current digital business activities, existing applications and support infrastructure, and related intellectual properties. We'll also undertake a thorough digital analysis of the current and prospective industry sectors and competitors including risks and opportunity. The result is a detailed analysis of the target's digital business presence and capabilities. We also provide a digital value creation brief with projected revenue bridge and supporting rationale.

Private Equity Consulting: Due Diligence & Value Creation Plan
Private Equity Consulting: Digital Transformation Implementation

PE Digital Consulting: Ecommerce & Digital Transformation

We are Digital Transformation Risk Mitigators

BNM bridges gaps in digital business expertise within a leadership team and works throughout a B2B portco to manage strategy, change, technology and risk. Our iterative, agile process ensures a steady and deliberate march forward with results at every step. Our private equity digital consulting ensures every action delivers digital value long before the end of most hold periods.