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B2B Ecommerce 3.0

Key to realizing the rewards of digital business is being able to break the bonds of doing business “the way it’s always been done.” Ecommerce 3.0 is doing just that.
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Stop Marketing. Start Growing.

Every B2B business needs to market, right? If yes, then why do so many leaders feel, deep down inside, that marketing is something they have to do, despite no tangible results? Maybe it’s not the marketing plan that is wrong, but that marketing is the wrong plan. Read Article >

Check Your Ego at the Door

It is an ego-centric world, but the only ego we should cultivate belongs to customers. Allowing personal or corporate ego to creep into business decisions often contributes to underperformance—at best. Read Article >

Focus on Results, Not the Hype

It seems the often accused purveyors of hype are highly susceptible to hype themselves. Hype within the marketing profession, especially in digital marketing, is simply out of control. Read Article >

Rule of Three

Those who have worked with Brave New Markets for any length of time have heard our unwavering belief that good things come in odd numbers. Even more importantly, THREE is the perfect number of good things when describing a product or service.  Read Article >