Check Your Ego at the Door

Grow Business by Checking Your Ego at the Door.

True focus on your customer is humbling.

Ego-based business decisions are epidemic. Symptoms include:

  • Messaging like: “We are the best.”
  • Thinking you know better than your customers
  • Website navigation beginning with “About Us”

It’s easy to be lured into self-promotion. Ego clouds judgment. Ego has a higher opinion of ourselves. Ego tells others how great we are. Ego feels good. 

Yes, it is an ego-centric world, but the only ego we should cultivate belongs to our customers. Allowing personal or corporate ego to creep into business decisions often contributes to underperformance -- at best. 

The days when gratuitous self-promotion was a successful brand strategy are long gone. In today’s marketplace, your brand is not what you say it is, rather it’s what customers experience. Does Amazon run ads or send email touting how great they are? No. Instead they just go about being great. As the world’s leader in raising-the-bar for customer experience, they simply show by doing. It speaks much louder than words.

Check Your Ego at the Door

Avoid the Ego Thing. True focus on your customer is humbling. Doing it correctly means you relentlessly pursue opportunities for improvement. And that’s a good thing. Continuous improvement of every customer touchpoint, anticipating customers’ needs and providing the path-of-least-resistance for customers is a key element of growth in today’s customer-centric world.

Lose the ego.

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Marc Waldeck
Marc Waldeck
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