End-to-End Digital Customer Engagement

Your customers don't want to talk to you.

More than 65% of B2B buyers want to fully interact online. 
End-to-end digital customer engagement includes product/service research, qualification, purchasing of products and services and customer self-service — all with little to no human interaction. This pivot leads to increased revenues and better margins while lowering costs and expanding market share.

Attract the Right B2B Buyers

Introduce new sales efficiencies by reaching engaging and retain customers most likely to buy. Self-segmenting tools create a personalized path of least resistance for first-time and repeat buyers.
  • Aggressive search engine presence attracts new and repeat customers who are already active in the research, qualification or buying process.
  • Advanced search and filtering combined with automated sales processes allows buyers to find and self-select your products and services. 
  • Predictive, pre-programmed communications to known individuals automatically enhances customer retention and drives repeat sales.

Actively Engage All Buyers

No more electronic brochure website.

Provide your buyers the path of least resistance to... buying.  Few, if any, buyers care about a company history, mission statements, or boastful marketing claims. Customers value digital self-service that sames them time.
  • Replace informational website with a business application that enables customers to complete their buying task quickly and efficiently.. Advanced search, filtering, previous purchase history and detailed product and service attributes allow customers to quickly and confidentially "Buy Now."
  • Provide an automated sales process that enables self-guided research, qualification and buying. For complex products, create a highly-detailed quote request in which the buyer is invested and is willing to stop shopping.
  • More and more, the supplier with the most robust digital experience wins both the new customer and the repeat customer.

Deploy Seamless Digital Sales: Ecommerce 3.0

Key to realizing the rewards of digital business is being able to break the bonds of doing business “the way it’s always been done.” Ecommerce 3.0 does just that. It is an architecture based on a highly-customizable and speedy front-end application, connected to new or existing back-office systems.
  • ​With flexibility, speed, and integration in its DNA, Ecommerce 3.0 releases B2B sellers to deliver innovative customer experiences.
  • Replaces the traditional website with a customer-facing business application designed from the ground up as a destination for customers to easily buy products and services, or for those that want a self-service experience.
  • Enhances omnichannel revenue through unified systems. Customers have the same experience regardless of their touchpoint, while sellers always have a current view of their buyers.

Enable Digital Customer Self-Service

Nearly 70% of B2B customers prefer to do their own research, qualification and buying. Digital self-service enables buyers to purchase products and services and manage their relationship with little to no human interaction.
  • A knowledge base, FAQs, product/service configurator and product forum and digital interactions can lead buyers to purchase decisions.
  • Customers can set up and administer their own account, preferences and payment methods. Order tracking, history and "buy again" are welcomed capabilities. 
  • There is no customer portal! B2B buyers prefer a single, fully capable digital address to conduct business.