About BNM

BNMers are devoted to making work more rewarding.
We apply ingenuity, innovation and technology to improve how people do business.


Brave New Markets is a professional services firm, specializing in ecommerce, digital transformation and related technical services for B2B companies. We partner with business leaders to ensure their companies meet the challenge of not just remaining relevant, but to thrive and achieve lasting gains. 

Our Story

Work is central to the human state. It is a catalyst to understanding one’s self and purpose, as well as critical to social connections and a means of survival. Humans work. People are usually working at something, even when away from a traditional workplace. We are committed to the relentless pursuit to make work more rewarding.

Better Work. Better Value.
BNM is drawn to the value of digital technology to help people do work. Regardless of whether work involves buying, selling, creating, building, entertaining, managing, analyzing or strategizing, digital technology provides effortless access to actionable information and capabilities that make for better work. All while freeing people from low value, mundane and repetitive tasks. In short, digital technology makes work more rewarding and creates value for everyone.

Business to Business
BNM exclusively works with companies which generate the majority of revenue from B2B sales. B2B companies have a short path-to-value by implementing digital capabilities for the customer-facing elements of business—and customers want it! Companies positioned with committed leadership, desire and resources reap superior value creation from successful digital transformation.

Our greatest asset is our team.
While each BNMer has special skills, we all share two common traits: a passion for business and curiosity. Together we drive meaningful innovation and change that makes work more rewarding.

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Marc Waldeck, Chief Results Officer

Marc Waldeck

Founder &
Chief Results Officer
Rob Flack, Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Flack

Chief Strategy Officer
Molly Griffin, Director, Client Success

Molly Griffin

Director, Client Success

Results. Period.

Revenue. Profit. Value.

Over more than 20 years, we have built a reputation for generating superior results for B2B portcos. We know our role really well. Results. Period.


BNM Details

Brave New Markets, Inc.

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Owings Mills, Maryland
Successful: Everywhere

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