Using BNM


BNMers are devoted to making work more rewarding.

We apply ingenuity, innovation and technology to improve how people do business.

The Results: Value for everyone.

We are Fanatically Focused on Results

Everything possible is measured, recorded and analyzed. Value-driving outcomes are tracked, reported and compared with frequency. Expect a growing set of key outcome metrics and actionable customer insights.  

Focused on Results
We Are Responsible

We are Responsible

“We’ve got this,” and we mean it. We make digital happen and expect to be held accountable for results. We are a strategic partner on leadership teams and throughout client organizations.

We Operate at the C-Suite

Successful implementation of ecommerce and digital transformation requires us to report directly to the CEO and work at a peer level with other leadership team members. We participate in regular management meetings to coordinate and report on strategy, progress and business results..

Report to C-Suite
Not Disruptive

We are not disruptive (except to your competitors)

The Digital Transformation Platform is not one huge deliverable in the future. (That approach is likely to fail.) Together, we’ll make progress incrementally in small steps. That assures the least day-to-day distraction while building consensus and sustainable value over time.

We Understand Priorities

Digital Transformation implementations are completed in about 30 months. This allows time to transition the organization and build demonstrable, sustainable results within a private equity hold period. Following implementation, BNM can remain engaged at a reduced level to facilitate continued growth in enterprise valuation.

We Understand Priorities