Building a Product Catalog in Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS, as well as other content management systems, provides multiple ways to organize information for easy input. However, an initial plan that might seem like a path-of-least-resistance can quickly become a content management nightmare.

Chesapeake Supply & Equipment websiteWe recently completed a website deployment for Chesapeake Supply & Equipment that includes details and images for more than 1000 products. To a novice, the easiest way to enter product content might be with product pages organized by equipment type and let a search function support ad hoc access to other information. After extensive user experience (UX) research, many data reviews and multiple client meetings, it became clear that a more sophisticated approach to content architecture was required. We determined that a minor investment of time and thought at project inception would provide an optimum user experience and facilitate long-range product management.

Rather than building product pages on-the-fly, Kentico's powerful structured information capability was configured to standardize the text, images and document attachments for products. Included are check boxes to identify the multiple equipment categories that can be assigned to a product.

This approach created a single, uniform product catalog in Kentico that centralizes product administration. Product titles and corresponding information in this central repository are selected, sorted and presented in diverse ways and in multiple sections of the website -- such as by equipment type, manufacturer and availability.

Informed planning combined with powerful CMS features (and a little more elbow grease in the beginning) results in robust and functional user and administrative experiences -- and better results! 

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