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Many marketers are so busy implementing new strategies that they forget to measure if any  are working. Digital marketing generates enormous amounts of actionable data to track and utilize. Failure do so is a critical, costly and potentially fatal mistake. Through marketing analytics, we continually track and measure cross-channel marketing performance to maximize results and optimize return-on-investment.

Stop wondering what part of your marketing budget is working. We'll show you.

Every organization has desired goals for prospective or current clients to complete. These may include purchases, forms,  newsletter sign-ups, connecting through social media sites and more. By tracking who completes these goals, when and how, we can begin to map out the best methods to reach your target audience. Brave New Markets will show you which strategies have the largest ROI and suggest new campaigns that maximize lead generation and revenues.  Data from our digital business platform can help guide your tactical efforts to engage buyers. Some examples include choosing the best time to send emails, the most effective subject line, the best performing keywords for your PPC campaign and more.

Marketing Analytics Services

  • Marketing performance measurement and management
  • Marketing dashboards
  • CRM integration
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