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Market Goods and Services Globally

Future sales and profit growth may depend on your ability to competently reach new international markets and customers.  Penetrating international markets requires a comprehensive, organized, and cost-effective plan.

A translated website can often be a logical point of entry to create an international digital presence, but many companies are unsure where to begin. Brave New Markets will assist with best practices for the website translation and help establish processes that keep your website current and relevant in all languages as new content, images, applications, products and services are modified or added.

Our team delivers a seamless process and assists in these critical areas:
  • Selecting an appropriate translation partner
  • Planning and preparing for the translation
  • Managing the translation process and budget
  • Creating systems / processes to continuously sync content
Though some global customers may be shopping your current website, research indicates that an overwhelming majority prefer to interact with websites delivering products, services or information in their native language.

Connecting with these international customers requires more than translated content.  We can assist  with  recommendations for localization that ensure your icons, logos, images, colors, fonts, content, and overall presentation position you to succeed.

Once the website is launched in a native language, we maximize visibility with global SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure you are found when prospects use search to find your products and services.   This includes Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines commonly used in the U.S and local search engines such as BAIDU (China), Naver (Korea), and more.

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